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Modern methods for diagnostics, management and rehabilitation of vestibular disorders

Work number - P 22 FILED

Presented by Ukrainian Technological Academy

Authors: PolovnikovІ.І., Trinus K.F.,Kravchenko V.M., Trinus O.O.

Aim of the research is Investigation of the principal vestibular functions, mechanisms of its dysfunction formation, development of the diagnostic and management technologiesand its condition rehabilitation.

Authors identified new concept of the vestibular system on the basis of theoretical investigations and research.

Scientific basis for development of new group of diagnostic procedures being created.

Basic conceptual arguments for professional selection and special contingents monitoring have been formulated.

New principles and management technologies for patients with vestibular dysfunction have been developed.

New types of shoes for snowboard-sportsmen are realized.

Comparison with known analogs:proposed diagnostic methods have sensitivity over90%, while known ones close to 50%, what allows increasing management effectivity from20-30% to over80%

Implemented intointernational medical practice and also inhospitals of Kyїv,Donetsk, Simferopol and Slavutych.

Economical effect is difficult to be evaluated, more important is social component.

Amount of publications:124, including. 10books, 114 articles(37 – in foreign editions). According to  Google Scрolardatabases total amount of references61, h-index(for research) = 4. Two International Conscensus Documents are created.Technical solution novelty and compatibility is secured by 10patents, 3 national standards of Ukraine (STSUISO 17705 : 2008, STSUISO 20876 : 2008, STSUISO 20868 : 2008 ).2 doctorship thesis proved at the basis of research.