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Ecosystem Services in the Context of Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development of Ukraine's Natural Potential

Work number - P 31 FILED

Authors: PakhomovA.Ye, BulakhovV.L., PysarenkoP.V., ZhukovO.V., KunakhO.M., GoloborodkoK.K., GassoV.Ya., BrygadyrenkoV.V.

Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

The work solved the scientific problem of typification, formalization and quantitative estimation of ecosystem services that allows applying this concept in planning of rational wildlife management under conditions of global climate changes. On a spatial scale, the results of the work cover the territory of Ukraine, in the time dimension it extend to the predicted historical period. The typology of ecosystem services for conditions of natural and techno-agroecosystems of Ukraine is developed, the main modes of their functioning in conditions of global climate change are defined, the dependence of quantitative characteristics of ecosystem services on spatial factors are determined by using GIS technologies and the Earth remote sensing data, information-valuable quantitative indicators that fully characterize ecosystem services are established, the modes of ecosystem services management were defined, features of taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of living organism communities as a factor of their sustainability were determined, an ecomorphic approach for the analysis of ecosystem services was developed, important structural and functional characteristics of animal communities that provide ecosystem services in natural, technogeneous and agro-ecosystems were specified, the biotic potentials of agroecosystems as consequences of different agricultural technologies were assessed. Domestic and world analogs of the presented cycle of studies do not exist.

The authors published 16 monographs and 68 collective papers. The results of the work were approved by 133 reports at international conferences. Fifteen Ph.D. and three habilitated doctoral dissertations were defended on the topic of the work. The total number of the authors’ peer-reviewed publications is 68; the total number of references to authors’ publications (according to the SCOPUS database, Web of Science, and Google Scholar) is 3,275. The authors' h-index is from 5 to 15 for today.