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The system of economic security as a subsystem of security

Work number - P 5 FILED

Аuthor:Zhyvko Zinaida Bohdanivna


Scientific research is presented by Lviv State University of Internal Affairs


The author defines that the management of economic security system of an enterprise is an activity of the subject-object nature that is that it anticipates a governing subject and controlled object, on which management impacts of the governing subject are directed. The essence of management influence of the governing subject on a managed object is revealed through a management functions that are a homogeneous set of work performed as cycles of information processing in certain directions. That is why methodological and theoretical and methodological foundations of new solution of important scientific and applied problems of economic security strengthening at the present stage of European integration had been investigated comprehensively and systematically in scientific studies.

The aim of the investigation is to study theoretical and methodological bases of economic security system as a subsystem of the state security and recommendations for their practical use.

Scientific research "The system of economic security as a subsystem security" has its scientific and practical importance. It serves as a basis for future research of this problem; it is the basis for the formation of the future concept and system of management mechanism of economic security at the micro level and other conceptual and applied research results. The author developed methodical principles of an enterprise economic security monitoring by improving resource-functional approach, proposed the formation of methodological tools for enterprise economic security system monitoring; developed new provisions on monitoring and forecasting in management of economic security system; proposed using competitive intelligence and counterintelligence in the enterprise economic security system as an effective tool for implementation of theoretical provisions in practice in management of the enterprise economic security system; the place of personnel security in the enterprise security system had been determined; the author determined an activation of raiding factors, conditions of its counteraction, the tasks of external subjects of management safety system and preventive measures against raiding at the micro level.

Scientific results of the work are reflected in 13 monographs, 3 textbooks, 26  manuals, in 234 scientific articles and reports, tested at scientific conferences.