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Scientific development and implementation of the personified approach to the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of immune-dependent diseases

Work number - P 11 AWARDED

HavrysiukV.K., DrannikG.M., DriyanskaV.E., ZhdanV.M., IshcheikinK.E., KaidashevI.P., KolesnykYu.M., ChopyakV.V.


Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy


The aim of the research: to develop and implement the personified approach to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immune-dependent diseases.

Scientific novelty. The comprehensive study of immunological mechanisms inthe development of common diseases – sarcoidosis, systemic vasculitis, rheumatic diseases, allergic and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs, skin diseases, kidneys and prostate gland, excretory and toxic infertility, –has been conducted for the first time in Ukraine through the use of a unified set of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, determination of polymorphism and expression of immune receptors and their ligands, antigens of the major complex of histocompatibility.

The development of the personalized approach enabled the introduction of authors' classifications of diseases, personified diagnostic, therapy and prophylaxis algorithms, which allowed to reduce the disability of patients, decrease the level of male infertility, achieve greater satisfaction with treatment and improve the quality of life of patients.

Clinical application of the developed schemes allowed to reduce expenses for the step-by-step selection of effective therapy, to decrease costs for hemodialysis and hemosorption, reproductive technologies, treatment of immune-dependent diseases as a result of the use of pleiotropic effects of certain groups of pharmacological preparations and primary prevention.

Thus, this approach significantly increased the efficacy of specialized medical management of immune-dependent diseases.

The global scale of research has been confirmed at international scientific forums in the US and Europe. Scientific and practical results on the subject of the research are presented in 8 monographs, 57 utility model patents, 25 informational letters on implementation in the system of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 12 methodological recommendations, 157 research articles, 32 of them – in the international scholarly journals.The total number of references to the authors' works is 2500, the g-index in Google Scholar database is 15, the h-index in Scopus database is 7.