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The complex establishing of the newest investigations methods of M.I. Pyrogov body condition and repeat embalming stages

Work number - P 3 FILED

Presented National Pirogov memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, Ukraine.

The authors of the work, for the first time in Ukrainian history, developed a set of new methods for studying the condition and gradual rebalancing of the body of the world-famous scientist - anatomist and surgeon Mykola Ivanovych Pirogov, which is the national heritage of Ukraine. This scientific work is a fundamental work, the authors of which conducted a comprehensive, comprehensive at the macro-, micro- and ultramicroscopic levels of body tissue analysis MI Пирогова. A total computed tomography scan, histological and electron microscopic examination of tissue samples, microbiological studies and a set of chemical and analytical studies were performed, which allowed to establish the degree of preservation of the body and develop the composition of the embalming solution. A set of the latest technological methods of body rebalancing MI Pirogov conducted exclusively by domestic scientists without the participation of the recently monopolist in this matter - the All-Russian Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR). Thus, the virtually world monopoly of VILAR for such works was destroyed and the world level of Ukrainian science, ability and desire to preserve the scientific and historical and cultural heritage of the state were shown.