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Energy efficient electromechanical systems of wide technological applications

Work number - P 36 AWARDED


Mykhalskyi V.M., Zahirniak M.V., Klepikov V.B., Peresada S.M., Sadovoy O.V., Shapoval I.A., Andriichenko S.O., Zamiatin V.V., Vorobeichyk O.S.


This work is presented by Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The important scientific and technical problems of Ukrainian economy   energy efficiency improvement are solved on the base of electromechanical systems theoretical development, designs and implementation.

The theory of electromechanical systems is developed on the basis of theoretical generalisation and the new solution of actual problems for alternating current motors and power semiconductor converters vector control; control of complex electromechanical plants for industrial automation systems. These results provide a scientific basis for an industrial production and implementation of the unified vector controlled electrical drives and energy efficiency electromechanical systems.

Industrial electromechanical systems, developed and designed by the authors, provide  reduction of primary energy resources consumption and negative impact on environment due to reduced electricity consumption; increase  productivity, quality of products, competitiveness of goods and services, and therefore improve the energy efficiency of Ukrainian economy.

The 88 international scientific publications with high level of their citation justify a world priority of author’s contribution in the theory of electromechanical systems. The characteristics of developed electromechanical systems are on the same level as those of best world products, and have higher tracking accuracy of mechanical variables in case of sensorless control as well as wider range of speed regulation.

Economic benefit from implementation of the developed electromechanical systems at the several Metallurgical Plants and at the Enterprises of Power branches of Ukraine is equal to 239.37 million Ukrainian hryvnias during the last years.

Scientific results of the work are given in 10 monographers and in more than 250 publications. Novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions are protected by 16 copyright certificates and 17 patents, including patents of the USA and Great Britain. The total number of citations of author’s publications is 1638 in 1425 documents (according to Scopus database), h-index = 18. 3 doctor of sciences and 15 Ph.D. theses are defended using the results of this work.