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Electrotechnological complex for production of cable systems of superhigh voltage

Work number - P 32 AWARDED

TThis work is presented by Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Authors: Kondratenko I.P., Goryslavets Yu.M., Suprunovska N.I., Guryn A.G., Shcherba M.A., Zolotarev V.V., Chopov E.Yu., Obozny A.L.

The aim of the workis the development and creation of electro-technological complexes for production of modern cable systems for voltage up to 400 kV to meet all the needs of Ukraine for world-class cable products and its export to other countries.

On the basis of theoretical studies and experiments, the scientific problem of increasing the carrying capacity and reliability of superhigh-voltage cables and simplifying the technology of their manufacture is solved by taking into account the nonlinear mutual dependences between the parameters of their elements. Scientific foundations for solving non-stationary problems of the three-dimensional distribution of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical fields in nonlinear media of cable elements are created.

Improved technologiesfor production of conductors, electro-thermal extrusion and nano-hardening of polymer insulation of superhigh-voltage cables and their certification tests are proposed.

The basic conceptual foundationsof the creation of electro-technological complexes for the production of modern superhigh-voltage cable systems without the use of energy-intensive extrusion vertical installations with a height of more than 100 m are formed.

The electro-technological complex of production of modern cable systems for voltage up to 400 kV was created at PJSC "Yuzhcable Works", which provides all the needs of Ukraine for world-class cable products and its export.

The complex uses a custom-made extrusion installation of a catenary type with a height of up to 12 m, which is a more energy-efficient solution. The copper content in the rolled wire of own production is 99.99 % instead of 99.91 %, and the oxygen content is 0.0005 % instead of 0.04 %. The level of partial discharges in the domestic cables is half the acceptable.

More than 1100 km of cables for 110–400 kV voltage produced by PJSC "Yuzhcable Works" have been implemented for last 10 years.

The economic benefit from implementation of the results of the work amounted to more 4.7 billion UAH.

The number of publications: 10 monographs, 5 textbooks, 169 articles (18 in foreign editions). The total number of references to authors' publications is 258 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 9 and 573 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 12. 14 patents of Ukraine for invention have been received. 8 doctoral theses and 16 Ph.D. theses were defended on the subject of the work.