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Development and application of the latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of fire traumatic trauma and its consequences

Work number - P 14 AWARDED

I.P. Khomenko, R.V. Salyutin, I.B. Tretyak, A. M. Velikodny,

K.V. Kovtun, V. A. Belenky, R.M. Mikhailusov, V.V. Nehoduiko


Submitted by the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology

О.О. Shalimov National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine


The purpose of the work cycle is the development and implementation of new methods and methods for diagnosing and treating combat gunshot trauma and its consequences.

Authors for the first time in Ukraine, based on theoretical and experimental studies, established anatomical and functional features of gunshot wounds and the relationship of the course of the wound process with the volume, type and nature of the damage.

Patterns of the pathogenesis of gunshot wounds have been studied by clarifying the individual links of the etiopathogenetic changes observed at the ultrastructural, cellular and microscopic levels. The new criteria for assessing the adequacy of surgical treatment of soft tissue wounds on the basis of fluorescence analysis and the time of "closing" of gunshot wounds based on the assessment of microcirculation of the wound surface have been scientifically substantiated.

Basic conceptual bases for development and use of surgical magnetic instruments and methods of hardware visualization are formed. The new instruments and instruments created allow solving the problems of diagnostics and removal of foreign bodies in the majority of clinical cases.

A set of "Surgical magnetic tools" and a device for stimulating the nervous system "NeSi-3M" are registered in the State Register of Medical Equipment and Medical Products and are serially produced.

For the first time, transplantation of progenitor cells and cord blood cells was justified and implemented, as a method of indirect revascularization of the limbs, with chronic pathological conditions and consequences of combat trauma.

The developed methods, devices, surgical instruments, methods and algorithms for diagnosing, removing foreign bodies and treating gunshot wounds have been introduced in military medical centers and military mobile hospitals and outstrip the world level of science development in this direction.

Authors' developments were used in the treatment of more than 3,000 wounded people and showed a reduction in the time of surgical interventions by almost 5 times, the number of removed foreign bodies increased by a factor of 2, the high quality of treatment while reducing its terms.

The economic effect of the introduction amounted to more than 56.8 million UAH.

Scientific results of the work are reflected in 3 textbooks, 149 articles, novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 49 patents. The total number of references to publications of authors according to the Scopus database is 58, h-indices = 4 (Scopus, without self-citation). On the theme of the work is defended 1 thesis (d. Med.), Accepted for protection in specialized councils 3 dissertations.