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Stages of the formation of living cells, RNA, DNA, and genes. Wave explanation of cancer

Work number - P 11 FILED

Presented Black Sea Regional Branch of the International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies (MABET)

Belokrinitsky Vasily Stepanovich, Artyukh Tatyana Andreevna, Venger Olga Rostislavovna

Purpose of work : Creation of a new wave theory of the formation of living cells and new effective wave methods of healing a person.

Based on theoretical studies and experiments, the authors discovered the existence of a ferromagnetic matrix (FM) of a living cell and made a number of related discoveries. It has been proved that it is sufficient to demagnetize the FM of the cancer cell and the cancer cell breaks down into its constituent parts.

Scientific foundations have been created for creating a wave method for eliminating cells with genome pathology by demagnetizing FM pathogenic cells in a wave way using the patented ATOV-1 device.The basic conceptual norms for creating the ATOV-1 wave apparatus have been formed. Patents of Ukraine No. 19099 dated December 15, 2006 and No. 22170 dated April 25, 2007 were received. Inventors and owners of Patents Artyukh T.A. and Wenger O.R.

Proposed :to allocate funds for serial production of the ATOV -1 patented apparatus and for its introduction into wide medical practice. Government support needed It is implemented:

1. A new wave theory of the formation of living cells, RNA, DNA, and the genome has been created.

2. The fact of the existence of FM is experimentally proved

Comparison with world analogues. In 2018, American and Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize for the wave method of healing onco, which was patented by the authors in Ukraine in 2005-2007. The open question is a matter of prestige of the Power!

Number of publications: 14 works of applicants, including 4 monographs. The total number of links to publications of authors is 387. We do not have data on the number of publications in Scopus. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 4 patents of Ukraine. On this subject, 1 doctoral dissertation was defended and 2 Diplomas of Honored Academicians of MABET were received.