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Eco-geotechnological cycle of mining and primary processing of uranium ores

Work number - P 32 FILED

Presented by the State Higher Educational Institution "Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology".

Authors:Busygin B.S., Drobot S.A., Kravchenko O.V., Kublanovs’kyy V.S., Pivovarov O.A., Rudakov D.V., Stus’ V.P., Khomenko O.Ye.

The aim of the work is to create and implement a modern eco-geotechnological cycle that combines prospecting (mapping), mining, and primary processing of uranium ores based on scientific fundamentals of GIS mapping of deposits, underground geoenergetics, low-temperature plasma-chemical electrolysis, and complex GIS and bio-radiochemical monitoring,thus making the grounds for highly efficient and environmentally safe production of strategic raw materials.

The newest GIS basis for mapping uranium deposits consists offirst developed (or improved) tools for an integrated analysis of geological, geophysical and geochemical data and aerospace geo-images united by a specialized “Rapid” system. The authors substantiated and implemented a fundamentally new technology of cleaning liquid radioactive wastes by glow discharge plasma in continuous reactorsin the technological chain of radioactive oreprimary processing. In addition to cleaning from radionuclides, complex organic compounds and pathogenic micro-flora are neutralized in the reactor.

The environmental safety components of the technological cycle are united by a system of integrated monitoring created by the authors, including GIS and radio-biochemical components (the scientific and methodological basis for structuring and functioning GIS models for the geo-ecosystem of the uranium mining region, a mass transfermodel, forecasting and monitoring of possible radioactive chain material movement from thedepository sources with account for daughter radionuclides). The procedures of sanitary and hygienic measures based on the revealed mechanism and biological significance of the combined effects of radiation and heavy metalsby the bio-summation type have been developed.

Practical effectiveness owing to implementing the created eco-geotechnology at uranium mines, primary ore processing plants and waste storage facilities has been confirmed by the economic component (0,5 billionUAH) and the value of prevented environmental damage (245 million UAH).

The number of publications is 25 monographs and 231articles. The total number of references to authors’ publications / h-index makes 108/5according to SCOPUS database, and 1095 according to Google Scholar database. 38 granted patents of Ukraine have protected the novelty and competitiveness of engineering solutions. Six doctoral and 16PhD dissertations have been defended on this subject.