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Створення засобів та технологій еферентної терапії на основі нанокремнезему


Authors: Pentyuk A.A.†, Lutsyuk N.B., Gerashchenko I.I., Shtat’ko E.I., Turov V.V., PipaL .D., Bondar S.A., Bondarchuk O.I., Viltsanyuk O.A.

The work is presented by the Vinnitsa National Pirogov Medical University of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

Objective of the work: to create entero- and vulnerosorbents for efferent therapy based on nanosilica (fumed highly disperse amorphous silica, HDS) and to elaborate technologies of its use in medical practice.

Scientific novelty. For the medicines created on the basis of nanosilica the antidiarrheal, antitoxic, hypolipidemic, immunocorrective, wound healing and hemostatic effects are discovered. As shown, the main mechanisms of therapeutic action of these preparations are caused by the ability to rapidly and effectively bind on its surface the great amounts of substances of protein nature, microorganisms, water, positively charged low molecular substances including mediators of allergy and inflammation.

 Practical significance. The effective medicines for entero- and vulnerosorption are created:  Polisorb, Polisorb MP, Sillard, Silllard P, Silics, Atoxil. These medicines are widely used in clinical practice in Ukraine and other countries (Russian Federation, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania) for treatment of diarrhea, endotoxemia, viral hepatitis, purulent inflammatory processes etc. in mono- and complex therapy. The technologies of use of these preparations in therapeutic and surgery clinics for treatment of adults and children are elaborated.

 Number of published monographies – 12. Total number of reviewed publications – 150, number of patents – 43, total number of references on the publications of authors of the work (according to Scopus data) – 3067,   h-index – 28.