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Current principles of diagnosis and treatment of obesity-related metabolic disorders


Presented State Institution “Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism named by V.P. Komisarenko of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”.

MD Bolshova OV, MD Buryi OM, MD Kolesnik TV, MD Lavrik AS, MD OI Mitchenko, Orlenko VL, MD Sokolova LK, MD Tivonchuk OS

The cycle of scientific works is devoted to a topical topic - treatment of patients with metabolic disorders caused by obesity. Metabolic disorders that occur against obesity are key in the development of severe complications that contribute to increased disability and mortality. And the annual increase in patients with type 2 diabetes determines the need for new treatments, including surgical ones.

        The authors have developed a comprehensive approach to optimize and improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of obese patients through the development and implementation of new clinical diagnostic algorithms and treatment protocols for patients with pre-existing metabolic syndrome, based on an interdisciplinary approach with active involvement of cardiologists and endocrinologists.

        The basic metabolic disorders, which are the main pathogenetic links, caused by obesity, have been studied and described, new approaches to the diagnosis and conservative treatment of such patients have been developed, new surgical operations on the digestive tract have been developed and put into practice in the digestive tract. obesity and type 2 diabetes.

        New minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques have been introduced to improve treatment outcomes by reducing the incidence of complications.

Number of publications: 10 monographs, 3 textbooks, 320 articles. The total number of links to author publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is poisonous: Scopus - 398/17, Google Shcolar - 3592/42. Obtained 23 patents of Ukraine for the invention. Doctoral and PhD dissertations are defended on this subject.