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Ostroh Academy of the 16-17-th centuries. An Encyclopedia

Work number - P 12 FILED

Atamanenko V. B., Kralyuk P. M. Kulakows'kyi P. M., Pasichnyk I. D.

The following encyclopedia is a reference book on the first higher educational institution of the Eastern Slavs. The concept of this research is to summarise the achievements of the existing historiography on the subject together with the authors' own scientific studies, as well as to present systematised information about the first higher educational institution of the Eastern Slavs.

Compiled on the alphabetic principle, the encyclopedia contains information about the prominent figures of the Ostroh Academy, including its patrons and founders.

The work is based on archival sources, most of which have been introduced to domestic and foreign science for the first time.

The aim of the research is to examine the legacy of the first higher educational institution from the historical viewpoint, with the emphasis on its contribution to the cultural history of East Slavic nations.

As regards the study's scientific novelty, it is the first ever domestic and foreign comprehensive academic research into the formation and development of Ostroh Academy. Using extensive source base, the work convincingly proves that during the early modern times Ostroh Academy played a key role in the cultural advancement of the Eastern Slavs.

Scientific and practical significance of the work lies in the possibility of fundamental reassessment of established scholarly views on the development of Ukrainian culture, education and science. The results of the study can be used in conceiving cultural projects of national importance, as well as in devising strategic plans of raising patriotism. The findings of the research have become part and parcel of the scientific and educational processes in Ukraine and abroad.