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Reducing the antropogenic load on water resources of Ukraine through the creation of environmental and resourse–saving technologies


The purpose of work is to solve urgent problems of protection of water resources of Ukraine from mechanical, chemical, biological and radiological anthropogenic pollution, which have a detrimental effect on ecological well-being of natural water bodies. The authors, are created the scientific basis of determination at rational conditions for the effective use of the reagent, electrochemical, sorption, biosorption, coagulation, flotoextraction and membrane processes in technologies of natural and waste water treatment.

Theoretical fundamentals of new technologies for the production of coagulant, sorbents, nanocomposite materials, reagents, using of materials with capillary action and geotextiles materials for dewatering and utilization of hydrophilic sediments after water treatment are developed. Low-waste nature conservation and alternative technologies for surface, underground and waste waters treatment from oil products, surfactants, mineral salts, organic dyes, suspended solids of different origin, nitrates, phosphates, radionucledes, heavy metals with reuse of treated sewage were proposed and implemented on the basis of the development of conceptual frameworks. Nature conservation technologies were designed, tested and implemented for conditioning of natural water quality by decrease of: 1) fresh water intake; 2) consumption of antropogenic chlorine for disinfection; 3) use of biogenic compounds in water treatment. Novel and effective nanocomposite materials, carbon and hybrid sorbents on basis of Ukranian natural raw materials and industrial waste for extraction from natural and waste waters contaminants of different chemical nature were produced. New environmental and alternative technologies of regeneration of spent sorbents; processing dehydration, conditioning and disposal and utilization of hazardous hydrophilic dangerous sediments of water treatment were realized.

Most of the scientific positions which are developed by authors on the theory of water treatment are the up to date information and relevant processes and technological solutions show the best correlation with world-wide level or exceed of world counterparts. The created new technologies of natural and waste waters treatment and production of new reagents and materials have successfully completed pilot tests or implemented on…. enterprises with a total economic effect…. million grivnia. Three expert conclusions of the Ministry of Health have been obtained to use the new sorbents. The study results have been introduced into the State Building Regulation.