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The Shevchenko encyclopaedia

Work number - P 9 AWARDED

In 6 vol. Vol. 1–6. Kyiv: T. H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature NAS of Ukraine, 2012–2015


It is presented by T. H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature NAS of Ukraine.

The authors are Barabash Yurii Yakovych, Borodin Vasyl Stepanovych (posthumously),Boron Oleksandr Viktorovych, Dziuba Ivan Mykhailovych, Smilianska Valeriia Leonidivna, Kharchuk Roksana Borysivna, Chamata Nina Pavlivna, Yur Maryna Volodymyrivna.

The aim of the workis a creation of universal compendium of modern knowledge on Taras Shevchenkos’s person and creativity, on his place in the world culture process.

On the basis of long observations and research, for the first time, the authors performed such a complete analysis of Shevchenko’s literary and pictorial heritage, highlighted in detail his biography, places of sojourn and residence, environment, way of life, history of Shevchenko’s commemoration, interpretations of his works, correlations with Ukrainian and foreign literatures and arts, etc., and created a compendium of data in the form of personal encyclopaedia. A number of innovative articles in Shevchenko’s Studies were written for this publication. They have conceptual significance for comprehension of Shevchenko’s world view, his philosophical, religious, historiosophical, aesthetic ideas and beliefs.

The scientific basisof the multidisciplinary information and reference resource “The Shevchenko Encyclopaedia” is set up.

Basic conceptual principles of personal encyclopaedia are formed.

There proposed a modern methodology for analysis of Shevchenko’s creativity, representation of artist’s heritage and scientific achievements on him in the form of personal encyclopaedia.

The scientific programme is implemented on creating a compendium of knowledge on Shevchenko’s works, their reception in the context of world literature.

Comparison with the world analogues. The closest analogues to ShE can be such western encyclopaedias as “The Dante Encyclopaedia” in 6 volumes (“Enciclopedia Dantesca”, 1970–1978; later ed. 1984; 2005–2006), “The Virgil Encyclopaedia” in 5 volumes (“Enciclopedia Virgiliana”, 1984–1991; several later ed.), “The Horace Encyclopaedia” in 3 volumes (“Enciclopedia Oraziana”, 1996–1998). However, there is no other conceptual edition like ShE in the world. In the respect of its size, novelty, quantity of the covered material from different humanitarian fields of knowledge, ShE does not yield to the best to date personal encyclopaedia, i.e. “The Dante Encyclopaedia”.

Implantation includes preparing and publishing of 6 volumes of ShE which gained universal acceptance among scientists and a broad range of readers.

The economic effect of implantationconsists in creating an effective reference and information culturological resource that will essentially intensify study of Shevchenko’s heritage, literary and art interpretation of his works.

Number of publications:6 volumes of encyclopaedia (646 publisher’s sheets) that consist of 6307 dictionary articles, 5800 illustrations (incl. 453 on colour insets); also within the project there were 211publications, incl. 15monographs and collected articles, 196articles (24– in foreign editions). According to Google Scholar, the total number of references on the authors’ publications on the theme constitutes 1431, h-index = 5.