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The Carpathian region: problems and prospects (Monograph in 8 volumes)


Presented by the State Institution « M. I. Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research named after of the NAS of Ukraine»

Authors: V. S. Kravtsiv,  V. V. Borshchevskiy, S.O. Ishchuk, N. A. Mikula, U.Ya. Sadova, I. Z. Storonyanska, L. T. Shevchuk, S.L. Schultz.

The purpose of the research is to reveal the environmental and socio-economic condition of the Carpathian region of Ukraine, the assessment of capacity and the disclosure of the directions of increase of efficiency of its use, the scientific basis of policies for sustainable socio-economic development of the region.

The authors first carried out a complex interdisciplinary research of ecological, demographic, socio-economic, and financial, investment, spatial and geopolitical potential of the Carpathian region of Ukraine through the use of advanced methodological base. The strategic priorities are defined and the concept of development of the Carpathian region is developed, based on the principles of sustainable development in the region, efficient use of endogenous potential, the increased level of integration in the national and world economic space.

The methods for the assessment of sustainable management in the region are developed and on this basis, the assessment of sustainable use of natural resources in the region is conducted. The concept of structural-innovative modernization of the industry of the Carpathian region is justified, the main directions and forms of development of rural territories in the context of approximation to the requirements and standards of the EU are defined, the theoretical and methodological basis of investigation of features of development of small towns of the Carpathian region are developed, the concept of ensuring the financial viability of the territories of the Carpathian region is developed, the theoretical and methodological basis of the research of processes of formation of transboundary regions are justified.

The practical significance of the research is to distribute the results to the level of methodical developments both recommendations for use in the management of territorial development, and tools targeted, legal, financial-economic support socio-economic development of the Carpathian region.

In the research process prepared methodological developments, analytical materials and practical recommendations found approval and applied in the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of regional development, housing and utilities and construction of Ukraine, Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine, State Agency of Ukraine for tourism and resorts of regional state administrations and regional councils of the Carpathian region of Ukraine, the Congress of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe. The practical significance of the obtained results confirms more than 110 inquiries about their implementation in practice of public administration.

Creativity of authorsis more than 30 monographs and 1400 articles in national and international journals. Total citation index on Google Scholar is h=66 (cited 442 papers, the amount of citations 2147). 6 doctoral and 27 PhD's dissertations under the guidance of the members of the author team are defended on this subject.