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Work number - P 43 FILED

Presented by the State Enterprise Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of  Transport of the Ministry of Health  Care of Ukraine

Authors: Gozhenko AI, Korshniak VO, Krynychko VV, Nasibullin B.A.

The objective: to create a fundamentally new technology of treatment based on external biological control.

The authors, based on theoretical studies and experiments, determined that sensory deprivation creates favorable grounds for the restoration of the central nervous system in the post-traumatic period.

The scientific basis for the development of technologies for controlled treatment of lesions of the central nervous system is created.

The basic conceptual bases of correction of existing biological protective mechanisms are formed.

It is proposed to use sensory deprivation for this purpose in order to reduce both sensory loading and gravity.

Fundamentally new technology of restoration of functions of the central nervous system is implemented.

Comparison with world analogues: the technology proposed has no analogues.

Introduced in the clinical practice of the SE "Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology, NAMS of Ukraine".

Economic effect of implementation: a 30% reduction in treatment costs.

Number of publications: 9, including  2 monographs, 11articles (2- in the foreign journal ).Innovation and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 4 patents.