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Coal mining and excavating through high-amplitude fault.

Work number - P 19 AWARDED

Presented by State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”

Authors: BarabashM.V., Voronin S.A., Pilyugin V.I., Snigur V.G., Mkrtchyan S.V., Solodyankin O.V., Hapieiev S.M., Vygodin M.O.

The aim of the work is to optimize and extend the operational cycle of a coal mine due to the realization of the complex of innovative technologies adapted to geological conditions of Western Donbas and related preparing production sites with high-stability roadways, thin coal seam mining by plow complexes, to excavating high-amplitude fault zones, opening up additional coal reserves, with simultaneous introduction of the set of environmental protection measures and diversification of the main production at the completion stage.

Based on theoretical research and field experiments authors have developed a set of adequate mathematical models of the geomechanical systems "underground construction-rock mass"; induced new regularities related to the deformation of structurally disturbed rock mass while mining; justified the parameters of safe, economically and environmentally expedient design of combined supports and technologies of the support installation under complicated geomechanical conditions and fault zones; introduced new “synchro-mining” concept to ensure the sustainable functioning the depressed mining areas based on strategic development management.

The combined support design exceeded the best world analogues has been introduced for the roadways excavated under complicated geological conditions. The hardening mixtures compositions are substantiated and an underground crushing complex for using rocks in the technology of fastening underground roadways is introduced firstly in Ukraine.Plowing (without people) coal mining technology has been introduced under conditions of the Western Donbass mines. For the first time in the world practice excavating through high-amplitude fault was carried out. This fact has allowed to extract additional 50 million tons of coal reserves and extend the two mines’ life cycles by 15 and 25 years without the shaft sinking and surface complex constructing. The program of mines activity diversification of the Pavlograd region at a stage of their exploitation and closing is actualized. The introduction of modern technologies of opening and processing of coal reserves allowed for 5 years to increase annual coal production from 16 to 20 million tons. The actual economic effect is about 4 billion hryvnias.

Number of publications: 380, included 25 monographs, 4 textbooks (tutorials), more than 350 articles (among them 44 in international editions). General number of authors’ publications references / h-index: according to databases respectively is: Scopus 9/2, Web Of Science – 4/2, Google Scholar - 402/25. Scientific novelty is approved by the scientific discovery diploma. Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 14 patents of Ukraine. 6 normative documents are developed. 3 doctoral and 11 PhD's theses on this subject were defended.