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Modernization of the environmental system: components and achievement tools


Presented Institute of Economics of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ph.D. Omelchenko A.A., Ph.D. Stogrin G.S., Kalenska O.V., Miskevych I.O.

Main purpose: development of conceptual and theoretical and methodological bases for determining the components of the process of guaranteeing environmental safety, taking into account the requirements of environmental modernization and substantiation of applied recommendations for increasing its level.

In our investigations we:

  • revealed the essence of the concept of environmental modernization as one of the concepts that reveal ways to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Have identified key elements of environmental modernization;
  • identified the greening of economic development as one form of eco-modernization. It envisages the process of improving the economic, political and social mechanisms of social development, the development of advanced for the current historical period of industrial and information technologies, economic forms, related social and political institutions;
  • justified the need for a comprehensive approach to greening economic development, which involves the introduction of a system of measures to reduce the burden on the environment and improve the level of environmental security, which is the transition from the implementation of individual, as well as integrated environmental measures, to the development and implementation of the concept of comprehensive greening of social production and other spheres of activity;
  • have developed conceptual foundations of socio-ecological development of housing and communal services in the context of the urgency of stimulating the greening of its subjects and the transition to an eco-oriented economy, aimed at simultaneously minimizing the environmental impact and meeting the growing social needs to achieve a good standard of living;
  • proposed the main directions of modernization measures in the system of atmospheric air protection to ensure its quality and environmental safety, and identified the main tools for sustainable land use and soil management in order to improve their environmental safety;
  • proved that the basis for sustainable urban development and agglomerations is the formation of progressive resource-saving, high-tech, environmental and social models of functioning of economic relations, which allows the economic system to respond adequately to the requirements of social development, ensuring the achievement of the proper level of indicators of socio-economic indicators optimality in cities and agglomerations.

Number of publications: The research presents a comprehensive study on the development and validation of scientific approaches to the implementation of the concept of environmental modernization, which will improve the situation in the field of environmental safety. Number of publications: 18, including 3 monographs (2 - published abroad), 15 articles, 2 in scientific conferences. The total number of links to author publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is, respectively: Google Shcolar - 9/3.