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Selection and biotechnological aspects of new maize genotypes creation adapted to the Ukraine steppe zone

Work number - M 9 AWARDED

Presented State Institution Institute of Grain Crops of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine

Gaidash Olexandr Leonidovych, Abelmasov Olexiy Viktorovych, Denysiuk Kateryna Viktorivna

The aim of this work is to study selection and biotechnological aspects of new maize genotypes creation adapted to the Ukraine Steppe zone.

The authors determined on the basis of theoretical researches and experiments the most competitive initial material of maize different germplasm genotypes and the ways of its synthesis on the basis of advanced selection and biotechnological practices.

Scientific bases of marking the affiliation of maize inbreds to certain type of germplasm and identification of genotype stable for callusogenesis and regeneration in vitro have been created. 

The basic conceptual bases of estimation of initial material of inbreds at selection on the basic economic and valuable features and allelic state of SNP-markers have been formed.

It is proposed to use in biotechnological and breeding process a number of early-mature maize genotypes with high combining ability, low grain moisture content, as well as high callusogenic and regenerative capacity in vitro.

The proposed aspects of maize genotypes creation were implemented in the selection process of the SI IGC of NAAS; on this basis, 13 maize hybrids were included in the State register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine. Compared to the world analogues, they provide higher yields of 5-7%, have high resistance to abiotic factors. The created hybrids were effectively implemented into production. The economic effect of implementation is UAH 200 thousand/year.

Number of publications: 37, incl. 15 articles (1 - in foreign editions). According to the Scopus database, the total number of links to authors' publications presented in the paper is 0, h-index (at work) = 0; according to the Google Shcolar database, the total number of links is 39, h-index (at work) = 3; according to the Web of Science database, the total number of links is 3, h-index (at work) = 1. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 1 patent, 21 author’s plant variety certificates. Three candidate's theses are defended on this topic.