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SUGAR TECHNOLOGY is a textbook for students of higher educational
institutions of Specialty 181 - "Food Technologies" (Sugar and Polysaccharide
Technology) (editors Lohvin V.M. and Ukrainets A.I.) Kyiv, State Enterprise
"Express-Announcement", 2015, textbook in 3 volumes. The Sugar Technology is the
textbook "Technology of the Industry", which includes the technology of white sugar
production from beets, brown sugar production form sugar cane, and white sugar
production from brown cane sugar.
Total circulation: 500 copies
Educational institution: National University of Food Technologies
Objective: To summarize previous experience in teaching the following subjects:
"Special Technology", "Technology of the Industry", "Sugar Technology" for
students of the Baccalaureate and Master Programs on specialty 181 - Food
Technologies (Sucrose and Polysucrose Technology). The educational need for the
preparation of the textbook "Sugar Technology" - updating of content materials in
accordance with the new achievements of science, technology and industry.
Novelty: topics include classical subjects as well as new and improved once: 1.2.10
"Modern Beet Growing Technologies"; 1.3. "Collection and Storage of Sugar Beets";
1.4.5 "Separation, Purification and Reuse of Washing Water"; 2.5 "Pure Water in
Extraction Process"; 3.2.1 "First Carbonization"; 5.7 "Types of Raw Sugar and
Special Sugars”. The presentation of relevant topics in accordance with the logical
sequence of technological processes, contributed to the development of knowledge,
skills and abilities of the students.
Practical significance: the textbook offered by the authors allows students to master
the knowledge of complex technological processes full of chemical reactions and
mass transfer processes; the production of diffusion juice, its purification; the
production of syrup and sugar crystals, and achievement of the minimum content of
sucrose in molasses on their own, which is especially important for distance
education. The textbook pays special attention to the modern domestic and global
research focused on increasing the efficiency of sugar beet cultivation, individual
technological processes improvements and sugar production in general. as the result
of the implementation of the new research developments in the sugar production the
purity of cellular juice of beets is being increased, more effective juice purification
during the extraction of sucrose from beetroot and lime and calcium carbonate
purification of diffusion juice. This reduces the loss of sucrose during the storage of
beets and in production, reduces the content of sucrose in molasses, increases the
yield of sugar and reduces fuel consumption.