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Structure and evolution of the universe at the galactic and cosmological scales, hidden mass and dark energy: theoretical models and observational results

Work number - P 11 AWARDED


BerczikP.P., VavilovaI.B., ZhdanovV.I., ZhukA.I., KarachentsevaV.E., MinakovA.A. (posthumously), NovosyadlyjB.S., PavlenkoYa.V., PelykhV.O., PilyuginL.S.


The presented work is a result of collective achievements of the authors covering a wide range of

theoretical and observational problems and making the substantial contribution to the development of the Ukrainian school of extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. For the first time a number of results was obtained in the development of the Standard cosmological model as well as its extensions using the extra dimensions and scalar fields. New approaches to the detection and investigation of the spatial distribution of matter, the structure and abundance of the galaxies have been proposed. The obtained priority results refer to kinematics, dynamical and chemical evolution of our and other galaxies as well as ultra cold stars being an important component of the hidden baryonic matter. The created new galaxy catalogs are widely used for studies of distributions of the visible and hidden mass.

Authors have published 1080 scientific works for the period more than 40 years.  The 375 articles in high-level journals, 5 monographs, 24 author’s chapters in collective monographs, 9 textbooks, and 4 databases are included in this work. The number of references to the authors’ publications is more than 8600 (in particular, more 6500 to the publications in this work)  according to the ADS base; and more than 9200 (7500) according to the Publish or Perish. Hirsch index (ADS) h = 44. The 9 Doctor Sci. and 25 Cand. Sci. thesis are defended within the framework.