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2014, National Award / State prizes

Number Title of work Presentation
P2 Novel energy-saving technologies in the production of manganese ferroalloys in electric furnaces (Number of comments: 15)
P8 Developing of detecting devices based on plastic scintillators for modern physic experiments (Number of comments: 43)
P9 Automatized spectrum monitoring system in the frequency bands of general use (Number of comments: 12)
P11 Structure and evolution of the universe at the galactic and cosmological scales, hidden mass and dark energy: theoretical models and observational results (Number of comments: 73)
P13 Geochemical, petrological and geophysical criteria of prediction mineral deposits of the ukrainian shield (Number of comments: 29)
P14 Polarimetry of high information capacity intellectual and products based on it (Number of comments: 17)
P15 Complex development gas-coal deposits on the basis of productive drilling technologies (Number of comments: 27)
P16 Розробка технологій та організація промислової утилізації парникових звалищних газів в енергетичних установках (Number of comments: 19)
P18 Series of Scientific Works “Mathematical Methods of Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Modeling of Complex Processes and Systems” (Number of comments: 32)
P22 Technological, institutional and regulatory framework of the next generation telecommunication networks (Number of comments: 30)
P23 А series of the works "Functional properties of bulk and surface ordered systems and fabrication of new metal-containing materials and structures" (Number of comments: 30)
P25 Цикл наукових праць "Аналітичні і алгебро-геометричні методи математичної фізики" (Number of comments: 33)
P26 Development and implementation of technologies providing technogenic and environmental safety in the coal mining regions under the liquidation of the mining enterprises of Ukraine (Number of comments: 10)
P31 The basic technology of nanosized semiconductor epitaxial structures for the needs of the electronics (Number of comments: 16)
P32 Theoretical Principles and Technologies of Treatment of Refractory Hard Deformable and Composite Materials (Number of comments: 38)
P46 of cycle of "Physics and dynamics of an ensemble of small bodies of the Solar System : Observations , discoveries and new models " (Number of comments: 4)
P47 New generation of domestic radioelectronics facilities for maritime border contro (Number of comments: 10)
Number Title of work Presentation
P5 Complex of methods and measures to assurance of safe operation and efficiency of Ukrainian NPP (Number of comments: 32)
P20 Development and introduction of the reduction system of technogenic loading of territories and population in the ecological crisis regions of Ukraine (Number of comments: 94)
P34 Intensification of technological processes of complex wastewater treatment of the industrial and urban centers (Number of comments: 93)
P43 Real-time local and global monitoring system of environmental parameters (Number of comments: 21)
Number Title of work Presentation
P4 Innovation techniques in diagnostics and treatment of otorhinolaryngological diseases (Number of comments: 20)
P17 Development and introduction innovative of drugs with neurotropic and immunotropic actions into medical practice (Number of comments: 53)
P21 New catalysts and heterogeneous catalytic processes: development of scientific basis and applications in chemistry, petrochemistry and energetics (Number of comments: 53)
P24 Novel technologies of synthesis of nanosized powders for materials and goods of constructional, functional and biomedical application (Number of comments: 21)
P29 Series of scientific works «Zoological Diversity of the Dnipropetrovsk Region and its Protection» (Number of comments: 71)
P36 A set of publications Monoclonal and Recombinant Antibodies for Experimental Biology, Medicine and Veterinary” (Number of comments: 34)
P37 The cycle of works "Evidence-based epidemiological studies to determine the radiation risk to health and safety standards justification" (Number of comments: 6)
P40 Series of scientific works "Cancer vaccines: design, studies of the mechanism of action, efficiency, and implementation into oncology practice" (Number of comments: 31)
Number Title of work Presentation
P1 Philosophical and Legal Understanding of Human Responsibility (Number of comments: 0)
P10 Measurement of social changes in ukrainian society. sociological monitoring (1992-2013) (Number of comments: 4)
P12 The cycle of the Monographs about the Liberation Movement for the Independence of Ukraine (1944 – 1991) (Number of comments: 6)
P28 Development of the national economy on the basis of European course of "green" growth’s ideology (theory, institutional basis, tools) (Number of comments: 21)
P41 The cycle of works «Ukraine: the fundamental problem of international cooperation». (Number of comments: 26)
P45 “History of the Ukrainian culture in five volumes, nine books” (Number of comments: 5)
Number Title of work Presentation
P3 Ground of methodology estimation of constitution types of different breed horses (Number of comments: 1)
P6 Energy and resourse saving mineral binders and composite building materials based on them (Number of comments: 69)
P7 Implementation of high-tech and energy-efficient scientific and technological elaborations in the construction of affordable dwellings (Number of comments: 57)
P19 Formation of well-balanced agro-ecosystems for the production of domestic winter wheat seeds (Number of comments: 40)
P27 The safety operation control system of the Odessa port plant ammonia terminal based on continuous monitoring of pipelines and storages technical state (Number of comments: 1)
P30 Development of design and machine manufacturing technologies for creation of new generation freight cars. (Number of comments: 20)
P35 Creation and implementation of high-performance industrial machinery using elastomeric materials in production, processing and mineral processing (Number of comments: 47)
P38 Fibrous materials and products of light industry with forecasted barrier medical and biological properties (Number of comments: 22)
P39 A series of the work “Calculation and design of underground structures” (Number of comments: 7)
P42 Methods and devices for control of material's and substanse's properties in the light industry (Number of comments: 0)
P44 Innovative technology resource recycling plant material in food and feed products (Number of comments: 20)
Number Title of work Presentation
П1 Set of books (well drilling in 5 books) (Number of comments: 37)
П2 The set of books (electronic equipment in 3 books) (Number of comments: 17)
П3 The modern technology in construction (Number of comments: 37)