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Сreation antimine seats of armored combat vehicles

Work number - M 33 AWARDED

represented by the Central Research Institute of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for participation in the competition for the prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2018.


Author: Davydovskyi Leonid Serhiyovych


The goal of the work is to increase the safety of crews of armored combat vehicles by justification of the rational parameters of the construction of antimine seats.

On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies, the author developed a methodology for justification  of the rational parameters of the construction of antimine seats of armored combat vehicle, which allows estimating and normalizing the explosive load of the crew. In the framework of the methodology, a mathematical model was developed for determining the explosive load of the crew, which takes into account the type, shape and amount of explosive substance, the complex geometry of the construction of the combat vehicle and the function of dissipation of the explosion energy.

For the purpose of verification and testing of developed models a natural experiment was conducted to undermine the armored vehicle "Kozak". Experimental investigations of the energy absorbing element functioning during loading are carried out and the physical and mechanical properties of the material of the energy absorbing element are determined.

The scientific basis for estimating the explosive load of the crew, formulated and solved as a mathematical problem of mechanics at the stage of designing a combat vehicle, was created.

The influence of parameters of the energy absorbing element on the probability and degree of severity of trauma of the crew during the blasting of a combat vehicle is determined.

The design of the mist energy absorbing seat for domestic combat vehicles is proposed, which is in the order of cheaper, repairable after demolitions and universal in comparison with foreign analogues when mounted on various models of combat vehicles.

The results of the work have been successfully implemented during the development and production of the latest samples, Kozak-01, Kozak-2, Kozak-2M, Triton, Warta, Bars-8, Spartan, Shrek and at modernization of "BTR-60 "

The economic effect of implementing the results of work in the production of armored vehicles of the Kozak family was estimated by the enterprise-producer Scientific-Production Association "Practica" in the amount of 1 million 136 thousand UAH.

Number of publications: 36 (including 12 articles, 1 military standard, 4 reports on mitigation stability of armored vehicle "Triton", "Warta", "Bars-8" and "BTR-60", 16 abstracts, 1 patent for utility model and 2 author's scientific works).