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The series of papers "The science of tourism: theoretical and praxeological basis of development"

Work number - P 40 FILED


MelnichenkoS.V., TkachenkoT.I., BoykoM.G., MykhaylichenkoA.I., VedmidN.I., BosovskaM.V., VelykochiyV.S., KuhutyakM.V., TomenchukB.P.


Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics,


The series of papers which consists of 237 scientific articles; including: books and manuals – 15, monographs – 31, scientific articles – 191 was prepared by teachers of 2 leading classicaluniversities of Ukraine. 7 scientific degrees of doctor of sciences and 2scientific degrees of candidate of sciences were obtained. The series of papers is a set of educational and scientific literature that forms the basis of professional education of masters, bachelors and specialists in tourism. To series of papers the textbooks, manuals and monographs on the science of tourism, studying touristic market, tourism and resorts of hospitality, tourism policy, economics of tourism business,tourism aspects of local history are included.

Researches on these branches form the interdisciplinary structure of modern touristic education in Ukraine and reflect the theoretical and methodological foundations on the science of tourism (theoretical science of tourism, which is developing a holistic concept the science of tourism).

Scientific achievements authors used in the modernization of the content of higher education in tourism, integration into the global and European educational space, especially in the development of education standards field of study "tourism", for the preparation of basic textbooks, implementing programs and dual certification of academic mobility and to prepare national, regional concepts and programs of tourism development in Ukraine.