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Rationale for priorities in breeding and technological projects for sustainable soybean production in Ukraine

Work number - M 28 AWARDED

Authors: Posylaieva Oksana Oleksandrivna, Chernyshenko Pavlo Volodymyrovych

Presented by the Plant Production Institute named after VYa Yuryev of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


The work is a complete series of comprehensive scientific investigations aimed at solving the problem of increasing and stabilizing the soybean seed production through integration of breeding and technological projects for sustainable soybean production in Ukraine to increase the crop yields, resistance to abiotic stresses and implementation of innovative cultivation technologies in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

The aim is to identify adaptive traits in soybean accessions by heat and drought resistance, to form a collection of sources of resistance, to develop varieties and to optimize components of their cultivation.

We selected 49 soybean genotypes combining drought and heat resistance and valuable economic traits and used them as starting material in breeding. We developed 15 novel high-yielding early-ripening and mid-early grain soybean varieties with increased adaptability to unfavorable environmental factors, which meet the production requirements and are not inferior to the best domestic and world analogues in terms of yield capacity (potential performance of up to 5.0 t/ha). We developed innovative approaches to determination of resistance of soybean accessions to abiotic factors and optimized technological procedures, the priority of which is confirmed by patents.

A method of desiccation of seed soybean crops, which contributes to significant saving material and technical resources and improving the efficiency of cultivation of new varieties, was implemented in the production (the net operating profit is within 4,444-6,987 UAH/ha with profitability level of 48.5-81.1%).

The new breeding inventions are implemented at farming enterprises of different forms of ownership in Ukraine on the area of over 200,000 ha.

The research results are of high scientific and practical value for agriculture and meet the current needs of scientific support for the agrarian sector of Ukraine.

The number of publications: 57, including 1 manual, 27 articles (5 in foreign editions). As per the Google Shcolar database, the total number of references to the authors’ publications presented in this work is 63; h-index (for this work) = 6; as per the Russian Science Citation Index database within the Web of Science, the total number of references is 4, h-index (for this work) = 1; the novelty and competitive capacity of the technical solutions are protected by 2 patents.