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The prospects of building up the resource base of hydrocarbons of Ukraine by means of unconventional sources

Work number - P 36 FILED

Presented byNational join-stock company "Naftogas of Ukraine"

Authors: Mykhailov V.A., Vyzva S.A., Krupsky Yu.Z., Kurovets I.M., Koval A.M., Kasyanchuk S.V., Vacarchuk S.G., Harchenko M.V.

A purpose of the researchis a provision of energy independence of Ukraine by increase of its oil and gas resources and efficiency of subsoil use by means of development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

Using theoretic studies and experiments, authors determinedspecific formation features of hydrocarbon fields, along with criteria and reasonable prospects of founding fields of shale gas hydrocarbons, tight gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, gas hydrates, and hydrocarbons of impact structures on the territory of Ukraine.

Authors created scientific basefor searching the fields of unconventional hydrocarbon and evaluating of their reserves (resources).

The conceptual basis, as well as organizational and legal activities for development of resources of unconventional hydrocarbon in Ukraine were generated.

Authors suggested directionsof top priority exploration works for shale gas, tight gas, shale oil, coal-based methane, gas hydrates, and hydrocarbons of impact structures on the territory of Ukraine.

The prognosis was calculatedto determine objects and fields with probability of finding unconventional hydrocarbon in all oiland gasregions of Ukraine andimpact structures, discovered in boundaries of Ukrainian Shield.

The theoretical studies and conducted experimentsof this research are on the same level with world counterparts, while its complexity and versatility exceeds European counterparts.

The results of this research were implementedby means of inclusion of estimated unconventional hydrocarbon resources to mineral resources base of Ukraine in quantity of 17 trillionm3of gas and  during the research of subsoils exploration ("Determination of Top Priority Fields of Development of Hydrocarbon Resources in Carbonate sediments in Areas of Interest of National Join-Stock Company "Naftogas of Ukraine"), which was conducted on it order.

The economical effect of implementationof this research, first of all, is expressed in volumes of increased unconventional hydrocarbon resources, in quantity of 18-20 bln ton of conditional fuel, The estimated economical effect from development of aforementioned resources is 2700-3000 UAH mln in monetary equivalent.

Quantity of publications:96 (10 – in foreign sources), including 11 monographs, 2 textbooks (manuals), 61 articles. According to database Scopus, the quantity of citations of publications that are included in this research is 86, h-index (by research) = 7. 16 candidate dissertations have been defended on this topic.