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Nuclear processes as a source of information on the structure of nuclei and nuclear interaction

Work number - P 3 AWARDED

Presented by Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Authors: V.Yu. Denisov, V.F. Klepikov, Yu.A. Berezhnoy, O.A. Ponkratenko, V.A. Plujko, V.P. Mikhailyuk, V.V. Pilipenko, V.F. Kharchenko
The aim of the work is the determination of the effective nucleus-nucleus interactions and characteristics of the structure of atomic nuclei, using which it is possible to reliably describe and predict the quantities that are observed in nuclear reactions of various types with different mechanisms.
Authors, basing on theoretical studies and experiments, have determined the characteristics of various nuclear reactions by using the obtained nucleus-nucleus interaction, have analyzed the properties of collective excitations in nuclei and their effect on various characteristics of nuclear reactions as well as performed experimental studies of elastic and inelastic scattering and reactions of cluster transfers in the interaction of light nuclei.
Scientific foundations have been established for analyzing astrophysical processes and studying the abundance of atomic nuclei in the Universe, for obtaining reliable nuclear data, which are necessary in nuclear medicine, materials science and reactor engineering.
Basic conceptual principles have been formed for investigation of the interaction of different nuclei (from light to superheavy ones) with nuclei.
Propositions have been made for new approaches for the quantitative description of a wide range of phenomena that are observed in the interaction of nucleons, light nuclei, neutrons and charged particles with atomic nuclei, as well as of the averaged characteristics of γ transitions between nuclear states. The developed theoretical approaches are in agreement with numerous experimental data and give their physical interpretation.
Comparison with the world analogues. The approaches developed in this work stimulated a lot of experiments and joint research with many international scientific centers (International Atomic Energy Agency, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw etc.).
Number of publications: 743, incl. 5 monographs, 16 textbooks (manuals), 470 articles (410 - in foreign publications). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to the authors’ publications represented in the articles is 5226, h-index = 34; according to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 5963, h-index (for the work) = 38; according to the Web of Science database, the total number of links is 4740, h-index (for the work) = 36. On this subject matter, 18 doctoral and 40 Ph.D. theses were defended.