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New technologies of the development of "Polyitan" series national nanosatellites for the investigation of the near-earth space


Presented by the National Technical University of Ukraine

"Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute"

Authors: Rassamakin B, Ph.D., Bayskov M, Kovalenko I, Ph.D., Dusheyko M, Laush A, Pershin M, Khominich V, Ph.D., Bendasyuk N

The purpose of the work is creation of national nanosatellites with a long-term resource in the near-Earth orbits. The authors based on theoretical researches, experiments and development of tools and methods of energy saving power supply system, reliable radio communication and energy-efficient thermal mode of operation of electronic platforms have proved the technologies of ensuring the long-term positioning in the orbits of the Earth of the satellites PolyITAN-1 and PolyITAN-2 of CubeSat format.

   The scientific foundations of the technology of designing, constructing and manufacturing of subsystems of the satellites PolyITAN-1 and PolyITAN-2 of CubeSat format are created. The methods of optimizing the supply of energy of nanosatellites while minimizing energy loses are developed, as well as algorithms for calculating timelines of power supply, taking into account the energy consumption of nanosatellites simultaneously on all segments of the time on the orbit.

New construction materials - ultra-light, heat-and-radiation protective and protective solid-panel honeycomb structures of space application, software with energy-saving algorithms and means of controlling the status of storage batteries and electronic platform of nanosatellites are proposed and introduced. On the Earth's orbit, the domestic navigation and navigation subsystems GPS\GLONASS with the accuracy of finding up to 3 m in height. In real space conditions confirmed the physical and technical foundations of the structural and technological solutions of film nanocrystalline and monocrystalline devices – photoelectric converters and angular position sensors of the Sun.

Characteristics of the created subsystems of domestic nanosatellites PolyITAN-1 and PolyITAN-2 of CubeSat format at the level of world analogues, and some of them (for example, in the navigation subsystem, the accuracy (error) of the determination parameters: speed - 0.05 m / s, time - 40 ns, altitude - 3 m) exceed the world's analogues in this class. Also, first time in the world, the honeycomb frames were used for the "CubeSat" nanosatellites, performing a set of functions: carrying for photocells and electromagnets, and protective during cyclic action of heat (cold) and vacuum ultraviolet radiation.

Number of publications:134, incl. - 3 encyclopedias, 1 textbook (manual), 75 articles (6 in foreign journals). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications, presented in the work, is 48, h-index (at work) = 4; according to the Google Shcolar database, the total number of links is 41, the h-index (at work) = 3. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 5 patents.