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The migration of rural youth to cities as a social and psychological problem of the transformative society

Work number - M 31 AWARDED


(Institute of Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine)


The purposeis to determine the social and psychological foundations of rural youth migration to cities and the development of the effective methods of preventing the negative effects of migration, optimization of rural people adaptation in the city, and their effective overcoming the culture of poverty.

Scientific innovationis determined by the development of a conceptual model of social identity transformation of rural youth in urban community. It was clarified understanding the transformation of social identity and the definition of the psychological mechanism of social identity transformation was suggested. Psychological mechanisms of social identity transformation of rural youth in an urban community are idealization of in-group, deidealization of in-group, deidentification of group, active involving, idealization of the Self, deidealization of the Self, confrontation and conformism. The main stages of social identity transformation were defined. It was experimentally proved that investigated mechanisms influence on redesign of rural youth social identity that migrated to city, especially the territorial, ethnic identity, and self-esteem. Dissatisfaction of their low material status and low standard of living was seen as the main factor that encourages rural youth migrate to the city, and migration, in turn, is an attempt to overcome poverty as a lifestyle. The social and psychological factors of keeping culture of poverty in rural and urban environments, especially rural people who moved to live in the city were analyzed. The basic strategies of social and psychological adaptation of rural youth in the city were grounded.

The practical significanceof the work is to develop effective programs and forecasting methods to prevent the negative effects of migration and facilitating the optimization process of adaptation and integration of rural youth to the city, personal fulfillment in the new environment; implement programs of social policy and social work with rural youth. The data has been successfully implemented in the educational work of higher educational institutions and used to supplement the content of courses in social psychology, applied psychology, psychological workshops, and social work. The survey results are used in practice of the university psychologists and psychologists of rural schools.

The total number of author’s publications are 47, including for the purpose theme – 27. Among them 1 monograph, 2 paragraphs in collective monographs, peer reviewed articles – 16, including in English – 2; h-index – 3.