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Intelligent technologies of functional diagnosis and modeling of surgery operations

Work number - P 29 FILED

Presented by Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics


Authors:Avrunin Oleg G., Bezshapochniy Sergiy B., Bodyanskiy Yevgeniy V.,

Zlepko Sergiy M., Kalashnik Michaylo V., Lysenko Oleksandr M., Pavlov Sergiy V.,

Filatov Valentin O.


The aim of the work is the development of theoretical foundations and the intelligent technologies creation for functional diagnostics and modeling of surgical interventions.

Authors using theoretical research and experiments have defined new approaches to the development of biomedical systems based on the methods of diagnostic data intelligent analysis.

The scientific foundations of the theory of constructing and organizing intelligent biotechnical systems for functional diagnostics and computer planning of surgical interventions are created. These are the formation of basic model representations, the creation of methods, the information-logical structure and algorithmic models of the operation of these systems for various branches of medicine.

The basic conceptual foundations of intelligent technologies for virtual modeling of surgical interventions and support for making diagnostic decisions based on the methods of computational intelligence for a wide range of modern biotechnical systems are formed.

The principles of structural and trajectory virtual modeling of surgical interventions approaches to increasing the reliability of functional diagnostics based on methods of data mining are proposed.

The original hardware-software means for functional diagnostics and computer planning of surgical interventions in various fields of medicine have been implemented.

The work is the first systematic development of a biomedical orientation in complex virtual modeling and computer planning of surgical interventions based on intelligent technologies for diagnostic data analyzing.

The results of the work are implemented in practice, when creating long-term plans for the production of medical equipment, in various clinical institutions in Ukraine and in curriculumsof specialty 163 "Biomedical Engineering" in several institutes and universities of Ukraine.

The work provides complex medical-technical and socio-economic effects.

Number of publications:324, incl. 25 monographs, 2 learning books,193 papers (57 aboard). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 215, the total h-index = 11. According to the Google Shcolar the total number of citations is 576, the total h-index = 14, novelty and the competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 33 patents. 3 Dr. Sci. and 30 Ph.D. theses are defended on this theme.