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Implementation of high-tech and energy-efficient scientific and technological elaborations in the construction of affordable dwellings

Work number - P 7 FILED


A.M. Pavlikov; M.L. Zotsenko; Y.L. Vinnikov; V.V. Szulik; V.J.Chevhanova; Y.S. Golik; A.E. Konyuk; A.G. Koliyenko

Work submitted toState prize of Ukraine in science and technology of 2014.

This work has solved a grand scientific and technical challenge of creating affordable dwelling technology through implementation of the improved energy efficient structural system and new construction technology into the construction industry of Ukraine , including variational design and construction of foundations and solids under complicated geotechnical conditions, using the most promising equipment of the national production and environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions.

The scientific principles and methodology of reinforced concrete structures design calculation for complicated types of deformations have been developed , which permits significant simplifying of the existing  buildings and foundations designs together with efficient foundations and synthetic solids of the Uncapital Ungrider  Frame Structure.


The required state design code base and arranging of affordable dwelling has been developed.

The technology of affordable dwelling construction based on implementation of advanced energy-saved structural system in the construction industry meet world requirements.

Science and technology elaborations that have been implemented to construction industry confirmed self high capacity of affordable dwelling provision.

Implementation of Uncapitel-Ungrider Frame Structure to high-rise dwelling provides reduce cost per square meter of the apartment by 40% compared to traditional wall structural systems buildings. At the same time the speed of construction increases in a half. The potential economic benefits from implementation of proposed elaborations given the current amount of precast reinforced concrete construction would be 1.39 billion UAH per year. Production of our elaborations promotes the restore of precast reinforced concrete enterprise and high job creation in construction industry.

The scientific results of the work are represented in 15 monographs and over 600 articles. The novelty and competitiveness of technology are warranted by over 100 certificates of authorship and patents. The total of  4 doctoral and 60 PhD. theses have been defended on the present subject.