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Fundamentals of the newest phase-variational structural diagnostics of the objects for nanoindustry and medicine

Work number - M 42 FILED

Authors: Lizunov V.V., Lizunova S.V., Vasylyk Ya.V.

The seriesof works is nominated by Scientific council of G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the N.A.S. of Ukraine.


The series of scientific works, which consist of 38scientific papers, published within a period of 7 years is devoted to the establishment of the physical nature of a significant increase in the manifestation of defects in the picture of multiple scattering of X-rays and the development on this basis of the fundamentals of phase-variational non-destructive diagnostics for modern materials of the nanoindustry and medicine.

As a result of the work, the phase-conditioned phenomenon of the interrelated dispersion (due to the first established possibility of the influence of structural imperfections on the dispersion law) and the phase-variational (due to the first proposed variation of the phase by the diffraction conditions) amplifications up to 4-6 orders of magnitude of sensitivity and a fundamental improvement in the informational possibilities of structural diagnostics.

A mechanism has been established for further increasing the informativity of phase-variational diagnostics, which consists in the discovered ability to selectively ensure the maximum enhancement of succession of each of the many types of defects and other crystal imperfections in the scattering patterns by a controlled change in the diffraction conditions. The dispersive phase-variational nature of this possibility due to the multiple scattering is proved.

The theoretical three-axis model of dynamic scattering and imaging of non-crystalline (medical-biological) objects of arbitrary shape is constructed with allowance for multiple scattering effects, and a method for the phase radiography of non-crystalline objects of arbitrary shapes and sizes is proposed on this basis.

The results of the research are published in 38publications in journals refereed in the Scopus databaseand in 1 patent of Ukraine, 12 reports have been made at all-Ukrainian and international conferences. According to the Scopus database total citation index is h = 4. According to the Google Scholar database total citation index is h = 5. Authors’ works were cited in over than 99 articles in academic and applied scientific journals аccording to the Google Scholar database.Total number of publications of the authors 73.