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Features of reconstructive-regenerative interventions in generalized periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2

Work number - M 3 FILED

Presented by the State Establishment "Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine".

Author: Shandyba S.I., PhD.

The thesis for a candidate's degree by specialty 14.01.22 - dentistry. – Higher educational establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy" MoH of Ukraine, Poltava, 2016.

Dissertation is devoted to the solution of actual theoretical and practical problems - recovery periodontal bone defects in the treatment of generalized periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 by conducting a comprehensive medical and surgical treatment with the targeted regeneration of bone tissue.

It was proved that the key factors of development, progressive generalized periodontitis in patients with diabetes are persistent and pronounced changes in cellular and humoral immunity, hypercytokinemia the imbalance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines and disturbance of bone formation and resorption.

 It was proved high efficiency of conservative treatment patients and method of surgical reconstructive treatment of generalized periodontitis,that we developed, and involves the use of complex osteoinductive agents (i-PRF, a-PRF and Bio-Oss), immunocorrective and photodynamic therapy.

Designed therapeutic and prophylactic complex allows for persistent clinical and radiographic remission and full recovery of the bone tissue in 84.4% of cases, reduce hospital days by an average of 2,6±0,3 days and reduce costs for patients and the state more than 20 times in comparison with analogues.

The results introduced in dental institutions of Ukraine, and its materials are used in the educational process in higher educational institutions.

Number of publications:proceedings of the work published in 12 scientific papers, including 5 articles in scientific journals recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 1 in foreign publications, 1 - in the proceedings, 4 thesis at conferences and congresses. The total number of publications the author - 17. The total number of references to the author of the publication is 8, h-index - 1 (according to Google Shcolar databases). Obtained 1 patent for utility model of Ukraine.