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Energy-efficient technical means for heat treatment of electrically conductive and non-conductive media on the basis of induction heating devices

Work number - M 13 AWARDED

Kryshuk R., Malakhatka D., Bereziuk A., Komarchuk D.

The scientific work is devoted to the solution of the scientific and applied problem, which consists in increasing the energy efficiency of technical facilities in the heat treatment of electrically conductive and non-electrically conductive media.

According to the results of the research it is established that today commercial programs packages are used to investigate physical phenomena and processes in similar electromagnetic systems, most of which are oriented to application in the mid-frequency and high-frequency range, in which only final calculation is provided. This approach, especially in the three-dimensional formulation of the problem, when edge effects appear or the secondary element is made of a large number of elements (pipes or rods), requires super-powerful computers, a large amount of computation, and is inefficient for variant calculations.

On the basis of the studies carried out, an analytical method for calculating the electromagnetic field in inductors of longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields, taking into account edge effects, as well as inhomogeneity of loading, is developed and makes it possible to quickly calculate the energy characteristics of induction systems. On the basis of the developed method, mathematical models have been developed that make it possible to establish interrelations between the characteristics of power supplies of electromagnetic inductors with the quality and intensity of electrotechnological processes when powered by industrial or high frequency sources, in single-phase or three-phase designs.

The developed technical means are introduced in the technological lines for grain drying, preliminary heating of disperse media, heating of heat carriers in heating and water supply systems.