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Development of scientific tenets of vibration diagnostics of turbine machines blades and their systems

Work number - M 45 AWARDED

Presented by the G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the NAS of Ukraine


Authors:KrutsVadimOleksiyovych,Cand.Tech.Sci., OnyshchenkoYevgeniyaOleksandrivna, Cand.Tech.Sci.


The aim of the paper is to determine the mechanisms of influence of the operational damages on the vibration characteristics of the blades and their systems.

Using the analytical and experimental investigation results, the authors developed new mechanisms of influence of the parameters of open and breathing damages on the development of the linear and nonlinear vibrations of turbine machine blades and their systems. The numerical and analytical procedures of calculation of the forced vibrations of the beam structural elements with damages are proposed. With the use of the developed methods, the regularities of the influence of the characteristics of the damage (size and location) and the parameters of the excitation of vibrations on vibrodiagnostic indicators of the presence of a crack are established.

Based on the studies, possible vibrodiagnostic indicators of the presence of operational damage of aircraft gas turbine engines blades have been determined. It has been established that the ratio of the amplitudes of the dominant harmonics of displacements at super- and subharmonic resonances is the most effective vibrodiagnostic parameter of the presence of cracks in shallow depths.

 Motor Sich JSC used the obtained results to determine the causes of fracture of the shrouded rotor wheel blade of the second stage of the free turbine of the helicopter main propulsion engine in the long-term testing.

The number of published papers is: 28, including 20 papers (9–in foreign journals), 8 of international conferences, 17 papers of the relative subject  (7–in foreign journals). Under the Scopus database the general number of citations is 19, h-index = 3; according to the Google Scholar - 28, h-index = 3. Two Ph.D. (Cand. Tech. Sci.) students passed their defenses related to the topic.