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Agricultural Entomology

Work number - П 5 FILED

by: Rouban M.B., Likar J.O., Bobos I.M.

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The textbook describes the history of agricultural entomology in Ukraine and also shows the characteristic of agrocenosismanagementmethodsat presenttimeand for the future. There are describedthe main morphological characteristics, biology and harmfulness of agricultural crop pests prevalent within Ukraine, as well as protection measures from the certain kinds and from thecomplex ofpests based on economic thresholds of harmfulness.

During the preparation of the textbook and the composition of integrated protection systems of agricultural crops against the pests were considered the requirements of modern agriculture, namely its environmental principles, especially for the growing vegetables and fruit crops for child’s and dietetic nutrition. These principles are considered as system management measures of internal and in-between-population relationships within specific agrobiocenosis. This is the fundamental difference from the plant protection system that was described in the previous manuals and textbooks.

It was submitted the list of documents from the legislation of Ukraine, considered the common conditions and terms of plant protection in accordance with ISO 4756:2007. Plant protection. Terms and concepts’ definitions. The references contain the regulations of Ukraine and international standards ISO, EN, IEC and others.

The textbook is designed for specialists’ trainings in agricultural universities of II-IV accreditation levels for the directions "Agriculture" and "Plant Protection".