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Investment and innovation warehouse development of agricultural production

Work number - M 30 AWARDED

Presented National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

Natalia Serhieieva PhD in Economy, Head of Scientific and Organizational Department National Science Center "Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Electrification
Nadiia STOLIARCHUK, PhD in Economy National, senior research fellow Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics"

The authors substantiated a comprehensive approach to the development of agro-industrial production in the context of compliance with the goals of sustainable development and the activation of the attraction of capital investments in innovations to increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.

The accounting and information support for assessing the effectiveness of capital investments aimed at innovation in agro-industrial production was formed, the methodical approach to the analysis (accounting) of the investment attractiveness of agro-industrial enterprises was improved, the coherence of innovative and investment components of the development of agro-industrial production with their accounting policy for calculating the need for capital investments for production was argued means The terminological apparatus of investment-innovation activity was developed taking into account the specifics of agro-industrial production, and a comparative analysis of the dynamics of changes in the volume of capital investments and sources of financing was carried out to determine modern investment-innovation trends.

The results of the scientific work were implemented at agricultural enterprises in order to improve the organizational and economic conditions for the use of innovations, and the economic effect of up to UAH 481.69 was obtained. per hectare of arable land.

Number of publications: : 5 monographs, including 1 international; 15 methodical recommendations and scientific manuals; 5 articles in Scopus and WoS; 27 articles in scientific professional publications of Ukraine; 45 abstracts in conference proceedings (5 - foreign); 3 patents of Ukraine for utility model; 11 certificates of copyright registration for the work; 5 other publications. Citation indicators: the total number of references to the authors' publications / h-index of the work, according to the databases is respectively: Scopus - 2/1, Google Scholar - 80/5.