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Physical principles and innovative technologies for ultrasonic treatment of materials

Work number - P 15 AWARDED

Presented G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of NAS of Ukraine

Mordyuk Bohdan Mykolayovych, Prokopenko Georgiy Ivanovych,
Luhovskyi Oleksandr Fedorovych, Voloshko Svitlana Mykhailivna,
Klochkov Illya Mykolayovych, Solovei Sergiy Oleksandrovych,
Lynnyk Georgiy Olegovych, Podobnyi Oleksandr Vitaliyovych

The work contains the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the processes occurring in metallic materials and various liquids under the action of power ultrasound. Physical principles, technological bases and modern ultrasonic equipment have been developed and implemented in certain industries to improve the operation life of products and structures, as well as product quality using ultrasonic cavitation technologies in the industry, medicine, and everyday life. To solve these tasks, a considerable number of new modifications of ultrasonic equipment for ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) of the surface of machine-building products and welded constructions, ultrasonic welding of plastics, cavitation treatment for dispersion, disinfection, filtration, and extraction of liquids, and their stirring at the molecular level were created.

The underlying conceptual principles for increasing the resource of new and prolonged exploited products, welded structures and constructions by modifying their surface are developed based on of modern approaches to prolongation of the fatigue crack initiation stage and prevention of the crack development. The instrumental methods for establishing the effective technological parameters of UIT and for controlling the treatment quality are offered.

The introduction of ultrasonic technologies in many enterprises and companies determines the high scientific and technical level of work. UIT is implemented at PJSC "Kryukiv Carriage Works" in the manufacturing rout of the components and constructions of passenger carriage. UIT is actively used following the regulatory documents of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsya" at repair and restoration works of the welded runways of the railway bridges to increase their operational resource. Ultrasound-assisted surface hardening of the aircraft engines’ parts of is used at SE “IVCHENKO-PROGRESS” for improving the quality, service life, reliability of manufactured parts and engines on the whole. Technologies of ultrasonic non-reagent disinfection of liquids, ultrasonic fine spraying of liquids as a part of mechatronic irrigation systems and artificial microclimate, ultrasonic spraying of molten metals to obtain metal nanopowders, ultrasonic cavitation extraction are proposed and introduced.

The scale of the research, conducted over many years by the authors of the work, covers almost all cases of the use of powerful ultrasound in industry, carriage and aviation building, and medicine, and promotes the development of "eco-friendly" technologies in all industries, therefore, the results of work are of national importance.

Some of the authors’ developments have no analogues or complied with the best foreign counterparts. The obtained results implemented at the mentioned and other enterprises of various industries of Ukraine already gave an economic benefit of 225.53 million uah and will give above 500 million uah for the next ten years.

Number of publications: 10 monographs, 2 regulatory documents 389 articles (63 - in foreign journals). Total number of the authors publications citations according to the SCOPUS database is 1418, h-index – 20; total number of links in the Google Scholar database is 2881, h-index – 27. Novelty and competitive ability of the technical solutions were protected by 20 active patents. There were prepared 5 Doctoral and 15 Ph.D. dissertations.