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Creation of high-performance hydraulic units for HPPS of Ukraine

Work number - P 10 AWARDED

Presented Private Joint Stock Company "UKRHYDROPROJECT"

S.D. Osadchyi, V.L. Rassovskyi, O.S. Burakov, V.M. Yefimenko, O.O. Korshunov, I.V. Kobzar, Y.M. Kovaliov, O.M. Khorev.

The purpose of the work is to create high-performance hydraulic units for increasing the efficiency of the Integrated power system of Ukraine. The concept of creation of new flowing parts of hydraulic units of power plants at their reconstruction and new construction is established by the authors based on theoretical studies and experiments. The IPMFlow software package has been improved. It allows for the first time in Ukraine to carry out the research of operating process in flowing parts of hydraulic machines of various types with high quantitative and qualitative reliability. A new approach to the spatial profiling of the impellers blades of axial hydraulic turbines was proposed. This approach allows increasing the efficiency of the flowing part. The new impeller of the high-performance low-pressure axial hydroturbine PL20/3271M with improved power performances for the modernization of Kremenchuk and other HPPs of Ukraine was developed. Taking into account the prospects for the development of the Integrated power system of Ukraine, it is envisaged that the rehabilitated HPPs of the Dnieper cascade will perform the following functions in the power system: cover the peak part of the load schedule, while improving the operation modes of thermal and nuclear power plants; regulate capacity, load and intersystem flows; generate and consume reactive power, regulate voltage and frequency in the network, perform ancillary services for the power system, supporting the operation of solar and wind power plants. The characteristics of the flow path of the turbine of the Kremenchuk HPP, obtained as a result of testing a large-scale model, allow creating a number of low-pressure units for HPPs of various capacities. Suggested: Development the Ukrhydroenergo HPPs rehabilitation project, Phase II. Realized: There were developed the scientific and calculation methods of design and research, which have been used in the manufacturing of equipment for low-pressure HPPs of the Dnieper cascade that meets the most modern requirements. Implemented: The result of the work is the commissioning of 45 modernized hydraulic units at seven HPPs of the Dnieper cascade within the second stage of Ukrhydroenergo HPPs rehabilitation project. Economic benefit from implementation: According to the water and energy supply and energy efficiency calculations carried out in the project, the increase in the installed capacity is 293 MW, and the average long-term annual production is 501 GWh. The integrated economic effect of the modernization of Ukrainian HPPs at today's prices is 40.5 billion hryvnias.

Number of publications: 1 monograph, more than 71 articles (from bottom 5 in English magazines). Their citation index since 2008 is 65, the h-index is 5. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 5 authorship certificates and 13 patents. On the subject matter under consideration, 3 candidate dissertations are defended.