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The creation and implementation of modern motor driven rolling stock for fast passenger traffic in Ukraine

Work number - P 9 FILED

Presented Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute

Grechkin O.A., Egorov D.O., Kalantyrya S.G., Kostrytsia S.A., Kramarenko M.V., Loktionov D.V., Lutonin S.V., Safronov O.M.

The objective of the work is providing of Ukrainian passengers with the modern motor driven rolling stock operating on the railways of 1520 mm gauge with high comfort level during their transportation, increased speed of transportation, decreased costs for operation, maintenance and repair. 

Basing of theoretical investigations and experiments the authors determined the parameters and technical peculiarities of the specified rolling stock which meets the highest criteria of modern analogues of leading manufactures.

The scientific base for prototyping of complex technical systems used in modern motor driven rolling stock was created for the predicting their operating behavior at the design stage.

The conceptual base of layout arrangements of modern motor driven rolling stock was formed with the consideration of the climate and infrastructure of Ukraine. The strategic directions of its development were determined.

The production of modern motor-car rolling stock was offered in order to substitute the out-of-date trains and those which finished their life cycle, which are the property of “Ukrzaliznytsia” PJSC. 

Dual-mode interregional electric trains of ЕКr1 series, commuter and regional diesel train DPKr-2, DPKr-2  series were launched into manufacture. 

Starting from 18.06.2014 two dual-mode interregional electric trains of ЕКr1 series and starting from 01.10.2015 one commuter diesel train DPKr-2 were implemented in the commercial operation. On 27.12.2019 the regional diesel train DPKR-3-001 started its first run with passengers. Five more DPKR-3 diesel trains are planned to be supplied during 2021-2022. This rolling stock will become the basic platform for the creation of commuter electric trains of alternating and direct current.

As of January 1, 2021, the total mileage of two electric trains since their manufacturing equals more than 4,300,000 km. The price of the electric train EKr1 is about half price of the similar products of foreign manufacturers (EKr1 - 14.71 million US dollars, HRCS2 - 30.7 million US dollars). This fact, together with the increased passenger capacity of trains allows us to talk about much higher economic efficiency and minimum payback periods. As for the regional diesel train DPKr-3-001, this rolling stock was put into regular operation for the first time on the route "Kyiv-Airport Boryspil". For the period of its run on this route during January-March 2020 (before the introduction of quarantine measures) the train transported about 55,000 passengers, which provided a stable income of 4,400,000 UAH. Excluding the cost of fuel, the profit amounted to about 2,900,000 UAH for three months of 2020.

Number of publications: 1 monograph, 41 articles. The novelty and compatibility of technical solutions are protected by 10 main patents.