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Innovative construction technologies for sustainable development of the agroindustrial complex

Work number - P 1 FILED

Presented SHEI "Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture".

Savitsky M.V., Nikolaienko S.M., Atamanenko V.I., Makhinko A.V., Makhinko N.О., Klymenko E.V., Semko V.О., Babenko M.M.

This scientific work presents the development and implementation of methodological foundations for the creation of innovative construction technologies for the effective development of the agricultural sector, based on the unity of economic, social and environmental components of sustainable development of society, to ensure food security and export potential of the country. The main result is the creation of architectural, constructive and technological systems with minimal material costs while ensuring safety requirements, functionality, sanitary and hygienic requirements, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness during their life cycle.

The work presents the generalized results of many years of global scientific research by a team of authors in the field of fundamental and applied sciences, asserts the high authority of national science and received international recognition. For the first time, the work presents unique theoretical and practical solutions that not only contribute to the further development of the humanities, natural and technical sciences, but also have a calculated and predictive character and establish the direction of the country's development in the long-term perspective.

Number of publications: 16 approved state regulatory and technical documents and standards and high scientometric indicators for the total number of publications - 1089, incl. 32 monographs and 28 textbooks (manuals), 1025 articles (41 of which in English-language journals with an impact factor). According to the databases, the total number of citations is: Google Scholar - 1871, h-index (at work) - 14; Web of Science - 42, h-index (in progress) - 3; Scopus - 97, h-index (at work) - 6. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 108 patents for utility models and 22 patents for inventions. O