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Resource-saving technologies in the production of protein-rich foods with a balanced composition

Work number - M 66 FILED

Presented National University of Food Technologies

Kuzmyk U., Polumbryk M., Zaharov V.

The purpose of the work is the scientific substantiation of innovative solutions in the technologies of protein-containing food products with the implementation of the principles of nutrition and resource saving.

Within the limits of the presented work it is experimentally proved that ozonation and the subsequent sorption allow to remove from nanofiltration permeate of whey to (95 ± 1) % of organic components.

The hardware-technological scheme of ozonation of nanofiltration whey permeate has been developed, which provides reduction of the total content of organic substances to (5 ± 1) % of the initial amount and further possibility of obtaining concentrates of mineral substances of natural biological origin. The key difference between the combination of ozonation and membrane processes was the possibility of deep and waste-free processing of whey.

The stability of microbiological parameters of fermented milk pastes is proved due to the antimicrobial properties of the developed compositions of spices, which is due to the natural content of phenolic compounds and terpenes.

Developed recommended for use in the composition of pastes sour milk compositions of spices: allspice: ginger: cinnamon in a ratio of 1: 1: 1; cloves: allspice: ginger – 0.8: 1: 1; ginger: turmeric: sumac – 1: 1: 8; anise: cloves: ginger: black pepper – 1: 0,8: 1: 1; allspice: ginger: cardamom: fenugreek – 1: 1: 0,8: 1,2; anise: ginger: nutmeg: black pepper – 1: 1: 1: 1; star anise: ginger: turmeric: sumac – 1: 1: 1: 8; ginger: sumac – 1: 8.

On the basis of experimental and theoretical researches recipes and technology of sour-milk pastes with spices are developed; technological parameters of production are defined.

On the basis of the conducted researches, for the first time the possibility of regulation of functional-technological and physical-mechanical characteristics by means of pyrogenic silica in the form of nanocomposite for cooked sausages with use of protein-containing and protein-fat emulsions on the basis of animal protein "Bilkozin" is scientifically substantiated.

The growth of functional and technological indicators of minced meat and ready-made sausages from red meat of broiler chickens as a result of the introduction of protein-containing compositions and emulsions based on "Belkozin" was revealed. The rational share of the introduction of protein-containing compositions with animal protein, namely 10-20%.

Number of publications: 2 foreign monographs, 46 articles, including 10 articles included in the scientometric database Scopus and WoS, received 20 patents of Ukraine and published 83 abstracts at scientific conferences in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Japan, USA and Georgia.According to Google Scholar, the number of publications links is 150/5.