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Scientific and technological principles of production of organo-mineral fertilizers and their application to increase the soil fertility and productivity agricultural crops


Presented National Scientific Center "Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky"

Cand. Sc. (Agriculture) Kateryna Artemieva

The work is the completed cycle of scientific research aimed at solving the problem of the efficiency of using local raw materials as a leading factor in the reproduction of soil fertility and increasing the productivity of agricultural crops by developing methods for processing raw materials into new organo-mineral fertilizers (OMF).

The purpose is scientific and technological substantiation of production and application of OMF in the reproduction of soil fertility and increasing the productivity of agricultural crops.

Scientific novelty of the work is based on theoretically grounded production of OMF based on local raw materials with the definition of agrochemical efficiency of their use in the cultivation of crops. The nomenclature of indicators of quality of OMF is developed and standardized. The technological solutions are based on a conceptual model of the formation of humic compounds as an infrastructural basis for the manufacture of OMF in the process of activation of organic raw materials by physical, physico-chemical and microbiological methods. Patented technologies for the production of liquid OMF by enrichment of nitrogen fertilizers with humic preparations obtained by extraction of humic acids from natural raw materials have been developed. A single approach to the processing of carbon-containing raw materials into solid OMF is proposed, which provides high fertilizing and reclamation characteristics of the product. The doses of OMF in the soil and foliar were determined, their effectiveness was proved.

The results of research have high scientific and practical significance in the field of agricultural. Effects from the implementation of inventions: involvement of local raw materials in economic circulation, reproduction of soil organic matter, increase productivity of crop rotation by 20-40%, saving mineral fertilizers by 15-25%, providing additional places to work. The technical level and reliability indices are higher than the existing analogs.

The inventions are implemented in enterprises of different forms of ownership in Ukraine for industrial production of new types of fertilizers and their application on an area more than 1500 hectares. The economic effect of the implementation is about 600-3500 UAH/ ha.

Number of publications: 18 scientific works, co-author of 1 method, 1 scientific publication, 2 recommendations, 5 articles (2 - foreign publications), 5 abstracts. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by technology and 2 patents. According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of references to publications of the author is 2, h-index = 1.