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Usage of uavs for increasing safety and efficiency of Ukrainian energy system

Work number - P 12 FILED

Presented National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute".

Rezynkina M.M., Shevchenko S.Y., Senderovich G.А., Grabko V.V., Karpaliuk I.T., Zaporozhets А.O., Skopenko V.V.

The aim of the work is creation of the complex of methods and tools for their implementation using UAVs aimed at increase of security of Ukraine energy system functioning and rise of its energy efficiency.

On the basis of theoretical studies and experiments, the scientific problem of complex automated monitoring of objects of Ukraine energy system with using of UAVs has been solved. Such a monitoring includes control of the objects in visible and infrared wavelengths, acoustic spectrum, and by electric field strength. The scientific foundations of mathematical, physical and statistical modeling of electromagnetic and acoustic fields in the elements of electric power objects of complex spatial configurations have been created taking into account possibilities of appearance of such non-linear processes as corona discharges and breakdowns in long air gaps.

Improved technologies are proposed for determination of the location of a power line accident using UAVs. These technologies are based on the developed mathematical models and obtained analytical expressions. As a result, hardware-software complex for identification and monitoring of the systems’ current parameters, as well as electric network modes has been created.

The basic conceptual framework for creation of the methods and tools for their implementation with using of UAVs for monitoring of the state of insulation, lightning protection systems, structural integrity of the power electric facilities has been elaborated. Such power electric facilities include high-voltage power transmission lines, high-voltage substations, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants.

At company «Kharkivoblenergo», a unit for monitoring the state of electric power equipment with using of UAVs has been organized. This division uses the authors' developments in monitoring the state of the power electric objects elements in visible and infrared wavelengths, acoustic spectrum, and by electric field strength.

The economic effect of the implementation of the results of the work is more than 274.38 million UAH.

Number of publications: 10 textbooks, 84 articles (among them 50 are in the foreign journals). The total number of references to authors' publications is 184 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 9 and 479 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 14. 25 patents of Ukraine for invention have been got. 4 doctoral theses and 27 PhD theses were defended on the subject of the work.