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Creation of antenna-fider devices for space technology


Presented Oles Honchar Dniprovsky National University

Svinarenko Dmitry Nikolaevich, Ovsyanikov Viktor Vladimirovich, Bukharov Sergey Vladimirovich, Tsypko Lidia Zakharovna, Beznosova Elena Rafitovna, Romanenko Evgeny Dmitrievich, Slyusar Vadim Ivanovich, Panchenko Alexander Yuryevich.

The aim of the work is to create for space technology antenna-feeder devices (AFDs) and antenna arrays (AAs) of a new generation microwave range with the smallest possible dimensions and mass, with an expanded operating frequency range with the ability to adjust their radiation patterns. Based on theoretical and experimental studies, the authors introduced new methods for the development of AFD and AA for spacecraft (SC). New methods for calculating AA with digital control (DCAA) for space technology, as well as the integral equation method for antenna calculations, have been created and implemented. The modeling and calculation of the electrical parameters of promising micro-strip antennas and AAs has been performed. The proposed research and calculation methods for new AFDs and AAs for the spacecraft made it possible to develop, implement and ensure their normal operation during launches and in space orbits on the topics “AUOS-3”, “AUOS-S”, “NHM”, “Ocean”, “Sich 1M "," Microsatellite", “Sich-2”, “EgyptSat”, “Dnepr” and others. In addition, launch vehicles with developed AFDs and AAs launched spacecraft from various countries, including the USA, England, Germany, Japan, Russia, Egypt, France, Italy and others. A significant technical and economic effect was achieved in comparison with the best domestic and foreign counterparts. The economic effect on a number of topics amounted to 24.48 million hryvnia. The novelty and competitive ability of technical solutions are protected by 25 patents, 8 inventions have been introduced into production, 5 monographs and 3 study guides have been issued.

Number of publications: 218 articles in scientific and technical journals including 32 abroad, made 131 reports at conferences and symposiums including 9 abroad. SCORUS metric database recorded 196 publications, total h-index is 3-4, Web-Science metric database recorded 88 publications, h-index = 4. Google Scholar Science-metric database recorded 2671 publications, тhe h-index is 25. A number of authors' developments were demonstrated at the international exhibition MAKS-2007. and at VDNH-1988 and VDNH-1974.