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Methods and technologies for designing and implementing dependable systems based on Internet of Things

Work number - M 45 AWARDED

Presented National Aerospace University “KhAI”

Ph.D. Illiashenko O.O., Ph.D. Kolisnyk M.O., Strielkina A.A.,Ph.D. Kotsyuba I.V.

The goal of the work is ensuring compliance with the requirements for reliability and security, enhancing the reliability of information-analytical and information control systems of critical application on the basis of the Internet of Things (ISCIT) by developing and implementing methods and technologies for assessment, creating and maintaining of these requirements.

The concept, principles of ensuring the reliability of ISCIT based on the development of von Neumann's paradigm for the creation of reliable and secure systems based on insufficiently reliable and secure components.

ISCIT‘s normative profile has been developed to take into account and harmonize the list and content of international and national standards and regulations, which enables them to make decisions about the compliance of such systems with respect to reliability, availability, functionality and cybersecurity, and to take them into account when developing and upgrading ISCIR.

Mathematical models and methods of ISCIT performance, availability, functional and cybersecurity assessment have been developed and investigated, which take into account different types of failures and cyber-attacks on systems that allow them to analyze their functional behaviour, improve the accuracy of evaluation and formulate recommendations for the choice of hardware components, interaction protocols, etc.

Methods of creation of guaranteed ISCIT for various complexes (medical, energy, industrial, communication, etc.) and ensuring their reliability and safety during development, modernization and use have been developed.

The tools and information technologies of decision support for the creation, modernization and maintenance of ISCIT for medical, energy, industrial, communication systems and complexes have been developed and implemented.

The obtained research results provided the opportunity to develop and implement appropriate principles, methods, models, tools and information technologies for the assessment and assurance guarantee of ISCIT to increase the reliability, availability and security and performance of systems based on the Internet of Things.

A number of technical and economic indicators provided by the implementation of the results of scientific work are at the level of world achievements.

Number of publications: 8 monographies (including 6 – in publishers Springer, River Publishers), 2 tutorials, 36 papers (34 scientific papers in the collections that are included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, 2 papers in the collections included in the scientific databases); 41 publications of materials of international conferences and abstracts of reports (30 publications in materials of conferences included in scientometric databases, 11 publications in materials of conferences, abstracts of papers and editions not included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine); 1 patent of Ukraine for utility model, 1 certificate for author's work.