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Modern concept of organized crime criminal legal counteraction

Work number - M 42 AWARDED

Presented National Academy of Internal Affairs

Andrii Vozniuk.

Scientific significance of this research is that this cycle of scientific works is the first complex study of criminal legal counteraction to organized crime networks in Ukraine with consideration to law enforcement and judicial practice both in our country and abroad as well as to latest approaches to organized crime counteraction being applied now by global community.

The doctrinal model of optimization and performance improvement of system of norms stipulated criminal responsibility grounds for criminal organizations creation, brigandage, terrorists’ groups and organizations creation, illegal paramilitary and armed networks, participation in it and criminal legal encouragement of these networks’ participants has been developed.

The concept of well-balanced application of main world models of criminalization of socially dangerous acts aimed to organized crime counteraction (conspiracy, participation, enterprises, marking / registering) has been created.

The theory of criminal complicity transformation has been designed within the framework of which the method of criminal legal actions of organized networks’ participants has been figured.

Based on newest and improved existed theories and concepts, suggestions on solving other fundamental problems of facilitating of organized crime criminal legal counteraction has been made, e.g. on qualification of actions of such networks’ participants which are committed (were committed) in the Joint Forces Operation / Anti-Terrorists Operation zone; on optimal concept of the victim of crime; on responsibility of legal entities; on qualification of official’s participation in committing of the crime etc.

Main criminal legal provisions of organized crime counteraction have been used in developing of methodological recommendations and law enforcement activity methods concerning peculiarities of qualification, solving and investigation of crimes committed by organized networks.

The research results have been applied to lawmaking, law enforcement activity, scientific sphere and training process in 2009–2018, as confirmed by relevant documents (20 implementation acts, 19 certificates of authorship, draft of the law).

Number of publications: 188, including 4 monographs, education manual, 2 commentaries, encyclopedia, compendium of lectures, 52 articles (6 – in foreign editions), 41 methodological recommendations, 19 certificates of authorship, 65 conference theses, 2 abstracts of dissertations. Overall quantity of references on author’s publications / Google Scholar data base H-index is 307 / 7 respectively.