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Work number - M 6 AWARDED

Presented Institute of Oilseed Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Aliev Elchin Bakhtiyar oglu – Ph.D., senior researcher, head of the department of technical and technological support for seed production IOC NAAS

The purpose of the work is to increase the efficiency of the technical and technological support of primary seed production by substantiating adaptive mechanotronic systems of target division and selection of sunflower seed material.

On the basis of the systematic approach, the structure of adaptive technical and technological support of primary sunflower seeds was determined, which allows to search for weak links in the technological processes of processing and bioinformatic systematization of seed material by the quality of distribution and line productivity while minimizing specific costs.

The general quality coefficients for technological process performance of precision separation of seed material (coefficients of filling and distribution, total concentration of seeds) are determined.

Mathematical models of the technological process for precision separation of sunflower seed material by its aerodynamic properties, geometric dimensions, bulk mass and coloration of the upper seedlings were obtained, describing changes of the proposed quality coefficients depending on the regime parameters.

Functional dependencies are established and methods of automated control of precision mechanized process of seed separation are developed on the basis of coordination of its mode and technological parameters. The method of automatic phenotyping of sunflower seeds according to its morphological parameters is developed.

The results of scientific and technical work have been introduced and used in the production of the PP «Agromekh plyus», FLP Linchuk Ye.V., OOO «Atlant-Zaporízhzhya», OOO «Níkertor», OOO «Snek-prodakshn», OOO «Ukrnasínnyaprom», PP «LENDFORT DNÍPRO».

Number of publications: 53, including 1 monograph, 33 articles (5 in foreign publications). According to the Scopus database, the total number of links to authors' publications presented in the work is 5, h-index (for work) = 1; according to the Web of Science database, the total number of links is 4, the h-index (for work) = 1; according to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 50, the h-index (for work) = 4. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 4 patents (2 for the invention). On this subject, 1 doctoral dissertation has been submitted for defense (the defense will take place on February 19, 2010 at the specialized academic council D 64.832.04 at the Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture).