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The natural technogenic massif stability at iron ore deposits production

Work number - M 5 AWARDED

Presented Submitted by Dnipro University of Technology

PhD Petlovanyi M.V., PhD Shustov O.O., PhD Zubko S.A., PhD Sherstiuk Ie.A.

Purpose of the work is the substantiation into parameters and principles of the natural and technogenic massif at the iron ore deposits development in the established production characteristics and patterns of geomechanical, geofiltration and physicochemical processes development.

A considerable series of theoretical, experimental and field researches was conducted and for the first time new regularities and features of geomechanical, geofiltration and physicochemical processes development that occurs in natural and technogenic massifs during the iron ore deposits development and effect of their stability have been revealed.

The optimization of the parameters of chamber system development and its structural features in the conditions of unstable rocks, the formation of multidimensional backfill massif, the formation of retaining prisms, the construction of drainage-retaining prisms to increase the stability of natural and technogenic massifs, which also leads to the improvement of the quality of production were suggested.

The range of analytical, experimental and field studies, including numerical modeling when using finite element methods, finite differences, physical modeling, processing ща survey of survey data, geophysical studies, physicochemical methods of analysis, laboratory studies, field instrumental measurements, were implemented.

New regularities and peculiarities of geomechanical, geofiltration and physicochemical processes development that occur in natural-technogenic massifs during the iron ores extraction have been established, which allowed to take into consideration the principles of their stable state formation during effective resource-saving measures development.

Scientific work has the national importance, as the sustainable operation of the mining and metallurgical complex as well as the export of resulting products provides the significant monetary flow into the state budget. The use of the received results increases the stability of the natural-technogenic massifs, improves by itself the quality of the mined ores, providing high technical and economic performance of mining enterprises, their operation ability and stable and efficient functioning.

New scientific and practical results was obtained with using of a new integrated methodological approach. The level of scientific development is high and competitive in the world. There are no analogues of the work. The scientific results were established for the first time.

The results of the work were implemented at PJSC “Central Iron Ore Enrichment works”, PJSC “Inhuletskyi Iron Ore Enrichment works”, and PJSC “Zaporizkyi Iron Ore Plant.

Number of publications: According to the results 110 scientific were published, of which: 1 collective monograph and 2 sections of the foreign monograph; 2 study guides; 31 papers in journals indexed by Scopus and/or Web of Science; 1 paper in foreign journal; 34 articles in Ukrainian professional journals; 35 papers and abstracts in materials of foreign and national conferences; 4 patents. According to the direction of work 3 PhD theses are defended and 1 is prepared for defense. h-index of papers prepared by the results of the submitted work is 7 according to Scopus, 3 according to Web of Science, and 13 according to Google Scholar.